7 Tips For Making A Great CV

One thing that disappoints us is a poorly designed CV.

We came across this article written by the chaps down at The Design Conspiracy and thought it may help new designers. The article goes into what makes a great CV for a designer covering these tips in detail:

  • 1. Remember this stuff is important
  • 2. STAND OUT
  • 3. Content is king
  • 4. Keep it short
  • 5. Hobbies
  • 6. Format tips
  • 7. Do not send a word doc

As professionals working within the industry, we think all of these points are extremely important and if you are a new designer or looking for a job check out the link above for more of an in depth view.

What do you think dear reader? Does it matter what your CV looks like? Have you found it hard to get a job even with a well designed CV. Have you any examples of a good CV? Share your thoughts below...