25 Sites We Can't Live Without

Recently I came across these "25 Sites We Can't Live Without" from Time.

The selected sites are:

I feel this is a pretty comprehensive list. I will be honest and say that some of the sites I was not aware of (maybe because I'm in the UK and some are USA based – eg. The USA government website!), but most of the big ones I uses on a day by day basis are there.

There are a couple of sites which I had heard of but I don’t really go to on a regular basis. That may change now I’m more aware of them. For example the "National Geographic" site looks very interesting and the "How Stuff Works" website might be worth a glance form time to time.

One website they did miss off was (Tongue in cheek) Fadtastic which I go to on a daily basis. Anybody got any other suggestions?!!!

It is interesting that most of these sites are service providers and most of them do not make direct money from the user. One thing they all have in common is that they have quality content. On some I feel that this content drives the design a little two much (eg. Craigs List) and a few of them could do with a face lift. The BBC has been doing this recently to their site which is constantly evolving. The complexity of the information is and has been simplified, along with the introduction of more space and more design elements. I think that this balance is essential for a successful website and to keep these in that top 25 list. Too much emphasis on content with the neglect of design, typography and aesthetics is fatal.

Anyway I thought that these 25 were a good resource to write a post about and if you would like to add a comment please feel free...


I like it, but theres an argument always if you put what the trends is going. Too subjective

http://TagsPage.com is also nice

Netflix is listed as Net Fix (#18).
Love your site!

@ Jo, sorry not sue what you mean - could you re-word?

@Toni - nice site. Will def go back there!

@ Andy, thanks for positive comment. I've updated that error. Cheers.

Thanks for linking to fadtastic, matey. The cheque is in the post.


And they missed wikipedia? What a 'comprehensive' list.

@ tedeh Wikipedia is no.24. For some reason I'd missed it off. Apologies.

@ Andrew Faulkner, Fadtastic is a top site and no cheque is necessary;-)

I would have put Google at the top personally.