Soul Beaver Logo Design

Tim Beaver (AKA "The Soul Beaver") is a well known DJ in Nottingham and asked us to come up with a cool and funky brand to increase his popularity and make him more recognisable. Above is the finished logo and we hope there will much more design work to follow in the way of business cards, invitations, flyers and posters. The Soul Beaver, who has a regular slot in the Bluu Bar and plays disco, funk, house and northern soul, is a fantastic client to have on board as he is the very embodiment of "cool". The new brand aims at the fun and playful side of his music and is deliberately original, slick, smooth and funky. It is intended to have a blues brothers persona. So look out for the Soul Beaver, the social amphibious rodent, coming to a party near you...


Every business entity needs a logo to represent their business image. A logo can say a lot about a company. I think before someone goes to a logo designer, he needs to jot down some main points of his business. A logo designer is here for the design but you have to advise him what you do and what you want the logo to be.