Passion in Design

"What to ourselves in passion we propose, The passion ending, doth the purpose lose." William Shakespeare

"Passionate" and "enthusiastic" are words that we would all love to be said about us. It was passion that first interested me in design and which added to my want to become a graphic designer. As we all sat there listing to our first lecture by our college tutor, it wasn’t what he was saying that made me interested - it was the way he said it. Passion is infectious and is therefore a useful thing to nurture in yourself and in a team. This passion which I felt from my tutor invigorated me, and spurred me on. I have always tried to remember it. This is the idea behind why I named my personal brand - “attitude†- to have a passionate state of mind – an enthusiasm which nobody can take away.

How do we develop such a passion? At the beginning, for me, it was job satisfaction. I started with sketching and drawing by hand as a child. I loved to get out my sketch pads and show visitors to our home my work. It gave them joy and so it gave me joy. When I realised it was tough to make money from being an artist I looked into other ways I could work and be creative. That’s when I discovered graphic design. Working for a client for a purpose made more sense to me than drawing for the fun of it. So I set myself some goals – learn the programs, learn the techniques and get a job being a junior graphic designer. That is when the passion came in – enthusiasm to complete my goals and enjoy my life. When I completed each goal I got satisfaction and this fueled my passion.

I decided to write this article to remind us all of the joys we can get from design. We often focus on the negative – lets take a look on the positive. Relight the fire of passion and enjoy your work.

Anybody with a passion has goals. They look to the future – even if its an impossible future, and they glean their passion from it. When they realize their goal is impossible – the passion ends. Likewise when they reach their goal, the passion ends. The secret of igniting passion then, is to set yourself a goal.

So go ahead – remember the good times – remember what you loved, set yourself a new goal and reignite the fire...


Hi, greetings from Mexico, this entry, just gave me some fresh air, I'm in a middle of a Design Student Crisis, Im just starting my second year at college, and I was wondering a couple of things, maybe you could help me figure them out:
First, where or howm which books or sites you used to learn the programs, the techniques.
How should I develop my drawing skills, mi illustration skills?
Any help is apprecieted, thanks


I think that experience and practice are things which defiantly help you. Try and get a work placement. The more you do the more familiarity you get with your tools.

In terms of other inspirational sources check out this post. I hope it helps. Thanks for stopping by...

Nice work done...!