Experimental "Grundge" Work Completed

Some experimental work which I have just completed (see above). Although I haven't had the opportunity of working with these styles for any of my clients or in my full time work :-( I wanted to see if I could produce random, creative and dirty looking design off my own back (I love the dirt). I have gleaned much inspiration lately from designers such as:

Scot Hansen

Lisa Solburg

David Ostrowski

Gabriele Magurno

Katherine Bidwell

These designers have really made me see the fun in collage and creative design (other wise known as "grundge"). Thanks for the inspiration guys and keep up the good work.



This is fantastic work. It's refreshing to see non-commercial work as it really gives the designer no constraints.

Now to get this material into your clients' work. I could actually see this done for a funky band or a magazine or something similar.

wow! those designs were great,

tell u wot, u need to e-mail me back or sumthing so i can talk to u about designs for my shop, we are gettin a new banner and need ideas