Complexity is the new simplicity

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". This is the common and most accepted view amongst many designers. "More is less" and â"keep it simple" are phrases that I hear on a regular basis by fellow designers. However it is my estimate that this way of doing things is about to change. If we consider the latest trends in fashion and in architecture we will discover that since the millennium we have gone back through time in order to be "modern". The 80's styles became popular but soon gave way to the 70's which then gave way to the 50's. Trends are going back in time at lightening speed.

Now many fashion designers are gathering inspiration from the Victorian era. This has started to be shown in the "William Morris" inspired graphics we see appearing on T-shirts and flash portfolios. Topshop is a great pioneer of this new complex way of designing things. Why, we may ask, are we looking back to eras in which our great, great grandparents lived? I believe it is partly because we, in this modern era, have lost the "sophistication" that Leonardo once spoke of. Today we are in a plastic, concrete, mass produced environment.

"Character" is something the products we manufacture, the clothes we wear, the furniture we buy, the music we listen to, etc, do not have. I am of course thinking about Mr average, not Mr designer. So it is my belief that we will go back to looking at bespoke and character filled design. Not this manufactured, simplistic, plastic stuff we all use today. This trend change, which has started already will obviously filter through to webdesign. What are your thoughts on this, Reader?


I've known Matt for many years and have seen many of his projects; I would like to congratulate him on the quality and high standard of work that he has produced over the years.
I've also viewed Matts website and have seen it upgrade and improve. I think the websites show his potential in many marvellous ways. He certainly has a gift for graphic design.
All the best for the future within the graphic industry.
Well done Matt!


okay, i see what ur saying about mass produced stuff not being 'ideal' however, we all subconsciously like mass produced things, we eat them and wear them on a daily basis! maybe we like it more in our sub-conscious!!