Article Published by .NET MAGAZINE


We have had some more work published! Many thanks to the guys down at Future publishing who have gone to press with a makeover article in the august issue of .NET Magazine (page 100). This issue introduces a whole new look and feel with a new focus on the content of .NET. It will now attempt to straddle both design and development. It is a great honour to be featured within its first edition of this new mission.

The editor of .net (Lisa Jones) approached Attitude some time ago and asked if we'd be interested in re-designing a website and writing a short article. The website to be redesigned was UPSU (University of Plymouth Student Union) and was an interesting and dynamic challenge. Buy .net to find out more...


Very nice design,

Just found this site after reading issue 152. Liked the design you came up with Matt (well, except for the flowers - I couldn't see the relevance of them). Shame the uni doesn't appear to have taken your design on board yet :0(

Mark, the organic element of the site has been used to depict growth - growth in business, in knowledge, in experience etc. Thanks for stopping by.

Its Cool. Go you!